Coin Review, Awesome or Failure or an Awesome Failure?

  Coin Credit Card Review (see bottom for running Worked, Failed totals). Last night I received my new Coin and today I used it. Read on for the details.     Coin is a single point credit card device that can store all of your credit cards in one convenient place.   One by one I swiped my credit cards into the Coin credit card device using the supplied credit card swiper, entered the CVV and my billing zip code into the Coin app on my iPhone an...

ToastaBag Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

ToastaBag Grilled Cheese Sandwiches ToastaBag claims to make grilled cheese sandwiches quick and easy without the mess.  Also, the packaging says the bags are reusable for up to 50 uses.  I wanted to see how well they worked so I took a couple of ToastaBags with me to work and tested it out with some coworkers. Get your ToastaBags now! Ingredients Bread, butter, cheese singles and of course the ToastaBag and a toaster (or toaster oven). Instructions The ToastaBags didn't come with an...

Extreme Segway with ScaryGirl

Extreme Segway ScaryGirl YT
  Extreme Segway with ScaryGirl - Don't Try This At Home SpiderWayne, Hunter and ScaryGirl just having some Remote Controlled Segway Fun! This is the Segway MiniPro by Ninebot and it's easy to ride and it's easy to become overly confident and fall as I did.  About my forth time out on my Segway I got a little careless and lost control.  I hit the pavement pretty hard and was out down for a while.  I spent the evening in the hospital and a couple of days out of work.  It's been a li...

Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam Review & Giveaway

Falcon Zero Touch HD Review
Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam Review by SpderWayne   Giveaway Falcon Zero has given me two Touch HD Dash Cams to giveaway on my YouTube Channel. The giveaway will end on Monday, August 22, 2016.  Click here for my YouTube Giveaway. Thank you Falcon Zero!   Falcon Zero F170 Dashcam Features Hi Tech Premium Lens First and foremost, a dash cams most important feature is the clarity of the footage you have captured. Falcon Zero incorporates 6 glass lenses, WDR technology a...

Rail-a-Prompter Review and Giveaway

Rail-a-Prompter Review and Giveaway Rail-a-Prompter by Telmax is an excellent tool for any blogger looking to improve their videos.  Looking directly into the camera is about as close as you can get to making eye-contact with your viewers.  Reading your notes off to the side or above or below your camera will look unprofessional and this is where a teleprompter can really help to improve your video content. Telmax makes many different teleprompters from the huge in studio type to the extreme...

Is the Cary House Haunted? Anna gets Hypnotized

Cary House Haunted? Anna Hypnotized Facebook
Is the Cary House Haunted? Anna gets Hypnotized to find out what happened to her during her recent stay. Is the Cary House Haunted? Anna gets Hypnotized Back in 2013 I stayed at the Cary House Hotel in Placer Ville CA because it was supposed to be haunted.  I was there over Halloween to do a live stream video giveaway for my YouTube channel SpiderWayne and I specifically search for a haunted hotel.  While there I filmed the entire nite including while I slept. During the next few days I replay...

Cary House Haunting In Room #205

Cary House
Cary House Haunting In Room #205 Cary House is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to stay there again... or would I? Cary House is located in a little town called Placerville in Northern CA and at one time it was also known as "Hangtown". But don't let it's hangtown history deprive you of visiting, Placerville is actually a great place to visit with lots of little shops and places to eat plus it's about an hour and half away from Lake Tahoe. Cary House Haunting In Room #205 On...

Twas The Night Before Christmas Speech Jammer

twas the night before xmas
Twas The Night Before Christmas Speech Jammer Featuring Genevieve Happy Holidays! It's that time again for my annual Twas The Night Before Christmas in Speech Jammer Style. Listen as my friend Genevieve tries to recite 'Twas The Night Before Christmas while I try to speech jam her using my iPhone app called Speech Zapper. To see more of my Speech Jammer videos checkout my Speech Jammer Playlist: Royalty free music...

ScaryGirl & SpiderWayne Rockin’ with Queen

ScaryGirl & SpiderWayne Queen Fat Bottom Girls
Found footage from 2013 of ScaryGirl and SpiderWayne during their trip down South has been found.  Back in 2013 ScaryGirl and I hit the highway for our 10 hour drive down to S. CA to see family and friends. Often on long trips I record the drive by attaching a GoPro camera to my windshield and occasionally I'll flip it around to capture any shenanigans going on inside the car with ScayGirl. This trip was no different so once I arrived at my destination I downloaded all my GoPro footage to my lap...

Signazon Rear Window Graphic Swap

Signazon Remove and Install Window Graphic FB
Have Graphic Will Travel Nearly two years ago I installed my first rear window graphic and the response has been great.  At stops people yell over to me "What do you do on YouTube?" and since I only have time for a short answer I respond back with "Everything!".  Another example happened in a restaurant when someone come up to me saying they had just checked out my channel and subscribed.  I've even been stopped at the gas station by another soon to be YouTuber asking me questions about how t...

Ice Orb is a Levitating Speaker

Ice Orb That Levitates
  The Ice Orb  is one speaker you gotta see to believe!   Visual Speaking The Ice Orb is a levitating speaker like something you'd expect to see in a Star Wars movie. It looks like a cross between the Death Star, a Stormtrooper and BB-8.  It also reminds me of the spheres in Phantasm however, this orb is does not wreak havoc or drill holes though your forehead.  It's actually very relaxing to watch while it appears to magically float above it's base which houses the stabilizers t...