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Yep, I was a Rock Drummer !
And sometimes I still am.

I love music!
This area of my site is dedicated to all my musician buddies.  Anything to do with music that I have my hands in, whether it’s me playing drums, behind a camera or mixer will be posted here.

Monster Zero Rising (MZR) & WayMoe
First up are a couple of bands I was in: Monster Zero Rising (MZR) & WayMoe


MZRcropped WayMoeWithBorder

I was lucky to be part of a circle of great musicians that at one time or another played together.

Now, we all live in different parts of California with Ron (the guitarist from MZR) being the furthest out, way out there in Germany.  However, from time to time and when Ron makes it back we still manage to get together for at a minimum some jam sessions.

There were at least 4 bands I was in, unfortunately I only have footage from two of them, Monster Zero & WayMoe.

Check us out and let us know if you would like us to play at your wedding (just kidding of course).

Video Page for Monster Zero Rising (MZR)


Video Page for WayMoe



If you need more cowbell in your life then SE7EN DEAD is just what the Dr. ordered.

Next, keeping up the greatness that is hard hitting rock are my buddies SE7EN DEAD.


Powerful Vocals, Thundering Bass, In Your Face Drumming and Guitars Leads from Hell with a Perfect Pinch of Crunch SE7EN DEAD is coming for you!

From Northern CA, SE7EN DEAD had been busy playing all over Bay area and traveling back and forth to S. CA to play places like Whisky a Go Go and The Viper Room.

For a taste, check them out here:
Video Page for SE7EN DEAD


I’m for Hire
If you’re a band looking for someone to capture a video moment and would like to jump in SpiderWayne’s Music Box let me know.  My fee is a flat rate of ONE MILLION DOLLARS but are very negotiable.
If interested, contact me here.