BenQ treVolo S Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

BenQ treVolo S Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker #benq #trevolo #electrostatic #bluetooth #speaker The BenQ treVolo S Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker  for Audio Enthusiast is Here! Up to now electrostatic speakers were pretty much only available in large form factors.  BenQ not only made it smaller but with it's unique folding panels it's extremely portable and sounds great too.  You don't have to be an audio enthusiast to appreciate the low distortion and natural tones that are reprodu...

Ice Orb is a Levitating Speaker

Ice Orb That Levitates
  The Ice Orb  is one speaker you gotta see to believe!   Visual Speaking The Ice Orb is a levitating speaker like something you'd expect to see in a Star Wars movie. It looks like a cross between the Death Star, a Stormtrooper and BB-8.  It also reminds me of the spheres in Phantasm however, this orb is does not wreak havoc or drill holes though your forehead.  It's actually very relaxing to watch while it appears to magically float above it's base which houses the stabilizers t...