BenQ treVolo S Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

BenQ treVolo S Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

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The BenQ treVolo S Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker  for Audio Enthusiast is Here!

Up to now electrostatic speakers were pretty much only available in large form factors.  BenQ not only made it smaller but with it’s unique folding panels it’s extremely portable and sounds great too.  You don’t have to be an audio enthusiast to appreciate the low distortion and natural tones that are reproduced by this speaker.

From BenQ

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Placement Suggestions

To truly enjoy the soundstage make sure to place the treVolo S at ear level.  Do not place the speaker near a wall or near glass.  A great place for all speakers including the treVolo S is in a corner of the room where the acoustics are ideal for a more fuller sound.


Taking the treVolo S with you is super easy, just fold speakers panels in and run!  Great when traveling or out to the park.  Where will you take it?

Photos by Wayne Louie

Power and Line In

The treVolo S has two ports.  One is a micro usb port for continuous power via the supplied charger or by plugging in power-bank. The other is a line in port that can be used if your audio device doesn’t connect via bluetooth or you just prefer to connect using a cable.

Photo by Wayne Louie



The treVolo S only has 6 buttons, power, bluetooth, volume up, volume down and the mode button.   The mode button activates it’s non-distored 3D mode.  The only way I can describe it, is that once pressed the sound stage gets a lot bigger.

Photo by Wayne Louie



Where to get yours

SpiderWayne’s Store

BenQ US Shop

The Amazon US product page LINK

The Amazon UK product page LINK


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