Ocoopa Wireless Charging Car Mount

A Wireless Cell Phone Charger for Your Car and I Have Two to Giveaway! Ocoopa Wireless Charging Car Mount Recently Ocoopa reached out to me and asked if I would review their wireless charging car mount.  I hesitated for a minute because I already have a hardwired charging kit in my car but curious so I accepted their offer and I was glad I did.  Their system is simple, elegant and works!   Installation This is super fast!  Attach the clip and the supplied USB (micro) cable to the...

ZTYLUS iPhone Case, Lens & LED Ring Light Review by SpiderWayne

Ztylus Metal Case, Lens and LED Ring Light
  ZTYLUS iPhone Case, Lens Kit and LED Ring Light Looking for the perfect iPhone Case? ZTYLUS makes fun but useful accessories for your iPhone! I've gone through a few cases but my new favorite iPhone case is the Metal Case by ZTYLUS. When looking for an iPhone case I look for one to protect my iPhone, be thin, and useful. The ZTYLUS iPhone Metal case covers all of it.  I've already dropped it a few time since I got the case iPhone has not sustained any damage.  I's thin which...