Ocoopa Wireless Charging Car Mount

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A Wireless Cell Phone Charger for Your Car and I Have Two to Giveaway!

Ocoopa Wireless Charging Car Mount

Recently Ocoopa reached out to me and asked if I would review their wireless charging car mount.  I hesitated for a minute because I already have a hardwired charging kit in my car but curious so I accepted their offer and I was glad I did.  Their system is simple, elegant and works!



This is super fast!  Attach the clip and the supplied USB (micro) cable to the back of the main using and slide it into an air vent.  Next plug the other end of the USB cable into a cigarette lighter adapter (not supplied)  into your cars cigarette lighter and you’re done.  The weight of your phone resting in the charger pulls the upper arms together to snugly hold your phone in place.


Makes for a Great Gift

At only $28.99 on Amazon this amazing wireless charger is the perfect gift for any car enthusiast!


Giveaway and Code for 30% Off

Ocoopa was kind enough to give me two of their wireless charging car mounts to giveaway on my YouTube channel called SpiderWayne.  Also, they have included for a limited time a discount code that will knock the price down by 30%.  Follow the links below to enter the giveaway or to used the 30% discount code.

Giveaway (see rules below for giveaway)
SpiderWayne /  Ocoopa Wireless Charging Car Mount Giveaway:

Can’t Wait? Buy on Amazon and  Get 30% Off
Until 09/18/2018 you can also but them on Amazon and get a whopping 30% off when using this discount code D2EWD8F7


Winners announced here

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Giveaway Rules

Enter giveaway here:

Ocoopa Wireless Car Charger Mount Giveaway

Timeline: This giveaway will run from 09/10/2018 to 09/17/2018
Minimum Age: 13

Ocoopa is sponsoring this giveaway by supplying SpiderWayne with 2 wireless charging car mounts to giveaway and also a limited time discount code for 30% off.  By entering this giveaway you agree to not hold me liable for any harm or damage that may occur from winning this Ocoopa Wireless Charging Car Mount.

On 09/16/2018 or a winner will be randomly selected.  I will pay to have the Ocoopa Wireless Charging Car Mount shipped to you (please no PO boxes). Once I contact you via email you’ll have 24 hours to reply back to claim your prize. If you fail to claim your prize you will forfeit it and I will randomly pick another winner and continue this process until a qualified winner claims this prize.

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