Is the Cary House Haunted? Anna gets Hypnotized

Is the Cary House Haunted? Anna gets Hypnotized to find out what happened to her during her recent stay.

Is the Cary House Haunted? Anna gets Hypnotized
Back in 2013 I stayed at the Cary House Hotel in Placer Ville CA because it was supposed to be haunted.  I was there over Halloween to do a live stream video giveaway for my YouTube channel SpiderWayne and I specifically search for a haunted hotel.  While there I filmed the entire nite including while I slept. During the next few days I replayed the video over and over again and found both audio and video segments that just seemed a little odd.  There were sounds of drawers opening and closing, some talking, whispering and near the end you can see the door to the room I was sleeping in had suddenly opened and the closed again.  Could these just be audio and video glitches?  We may never know but you can see and hear for yourself by checking out my finding video here:  SpiderWayne’s Cary House Haunting In Room #205.

Fast forward
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a woman named Anna.  Anna had just stayed at the Cary House Hotel and had a incident where she woke up out in the hallway of her room but had no recollection as to how she got there.  Later that morning she did some online research and found a few sites that talked about the Cary House being haunted and then she found my Cary House Findings video.  Anna decided to contact me to tell me about her experience and to find out more about mine.  When Anna told me that she was going to hire Hypnotherapist Daniel Gross to try to find out what had happened to her that night, I asked if I could film the session Anna and Daniel agreed.


Below is Anna’s email to me. It describes in detail what she remembers from that night in Placer Ville at the Cary House Hotel:

##### BEGIN #####
On a raining night, January 23, 2016, Anna and her husband spent the night at the Cary House Hotel in Placerville, CA. The Cary House Hotel is famous for its hauntings and ghosts; however, Anna was unaware of this when booking the hotel. Anna and her husband met friends for dinner downtown. At dinner, one of her friends arrived late and asked how her room was, Anna replied “good, small”, her friend said, “no really, how is the room is it haunted?” Anna said, “No, I don’t think so” and blew it off, thinking her friend was just being her usual silly self. They returned to their room named Zinfandel (room 200 on the second floor at the top of the Stairs) around 11pm. Friends who were also staying at the hotel in room 214 joined them for a while and they visited for about 30 minutes. Anna and her husband went to sleep around 11:45pm.

Anna usually gets up 3x a night to use the restroom and had left the bathroom door open with the light on as she does at home and in all hotel rooms she sleeps in. She does not take any drugs for sleeping and has no history of sleepwalking. She did have 3 glasses of champagne and a glass of wine over dinner, which was from 6:30pm, to 11pm (5.5 Hours) and was not drunk when she got back to the room.

Anna slept on the right side of the bed (looking at the front door), with a straight shot to the right and approx. 6 steps away from the bathroom. The front door was directly in front of them, with the safety latch closed and door locked. The door had a push down handle. At 1:30am, Anna got up to use the restroom and went back to bed. She also got up at 5:30am to use the restroom and went back to bed. Sometime between 1:30am and 5:30am, Anna found herself in the hallway, standing outside her hotel room in her underwear and a nightshirt. She was not scared, but confused, and looked at the door and thought to herself “Zinfandel, oh good, I am back at my room”. She knocked on the door lightly and her husband acknowledged the knock and said “Anna”? She replied, “I am outside, open the door”, but then he did not come to the door, so she started knocking again and again, thinking to herself, where is he? He finally opened the door and she said “what took you so long?” and he said “I did not realize you were outside”. She got back in and went back to bed, and did not use the restroom.

They woke at 8am. Anna remembered being outside and her and her husband discussed it. It seemed odd to him as well. When he got in the shower, she remembered her friend talking about the hotel being haunted and she started to Google it. She found a few articles, and then Spider Wayne. When she saw the door open in the video, it scared her. She got up and opened her door to walk out, it did not close. She opened it wider and let it go, still did not close. In order for it to get enough velocity to close, it had to be opened all the way and let go. Her friends came by with coffee and they saw the maid’s cart and a young woman. The asked if she was the maid, and she said “no, my mother is”. Anna told her of her experience and she said, “you need to talk to my mother”, her mom was cleaning the room next door and her daughter told her the story (mom only spoke Spanish, so daughter translated.) We were told the mom has worked there for 20 years and will NOT work alone as she feels there is always someone wanting to hug her. She told us stories of how she has come to work early and seen people sleeping on the couches downstairs, afraid to go back in their rooms. I asked was it because of the noises (referencing Wayne’s video) and she said, “No, it is because the spirits are standing over them and won’t let them sleep”.

Anna asked the maid if she felt her experience was crazy, and she said, “No, there are ghosts here”. She told us other stories, but her daughter said there are so many, and her mom does not like to share them, but felt comfortable with me because of what I had experienced.

Wanting to know what happened, Anna found a hypnotist to take her back to that evening… she agreed to let Wayne video it. Her husband was also in the room during the filming. This is the video.

##### END #####


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