Cary House Haunting In Room #205

Cary House Haunting In Room #205

Cary House

Cary House is a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to stay there again… or would I?

Cary House is located in a little town called Placerville in Northern CA and at one time it was also known as “Hangtown”. But don’t let it’s hangtown history deprive you of visiting, Placerville is actually a great place to visit with lots of little shops and places to eat plus it’s about an hour and half away from Lake Tahoe.
Cary House Map-1

Cary House Haunting In Room #205
One of the ghosts said to be haunting the Cary House was a former desk clerk named Stan. It was said that one day Stan made a pass at the wrong person and wound up being stabbed to death.  Could Stan still be wondering the rooms and hallways of the Cary House?

Cary House Living Room

Cary House Kitchen

Cary House Kitchen

Cary House Bedroom

Cary House Bathroom





Cary House Stairs

Cary House Hall

Cary House Lobby 01

Cary House Lobby 02






Two Years Have Passed, Why Bring This Up Now?

Recently I was contacted by someone that stayed there and had a very interesting evening. This weekend this person will be hypnotized to see if it will help to figure out what happened.  Depending on the outcome and permission from all involved I might be posting a follow up video of this session and in addition I might take another trip out to Cary House and perform a more thorough ghost hunt.

4pm: October 31, 2013, Halloween
First thing I do is arrive early to check in, setup and check my gear. My room for the night is room #205.
My Gear:

  • iMac
  • Macbook Pro
  • GoPro Hero 3 Black, Spirit Box (ghost box)
  • EVP (electronic voice phenomena) Recorder
  • EMF (electromagnetic field) Meter
  • Trail Cam
  • Modified Camcorder to record in the dark via an infrared and full spectrum lights
  • Infrared lights
  • Full Spectrum lights.

I take a few readings, check levels and cameras and so far none of my equipment is picking up anything… looks like this might be a bust.

7:30 pm: Diner To Calm My Nerves
Before any live stream I always seem to get ramped up and need to calm myself down so I eat.  It was around 7:30pm and my show wasn’t going to start until around 9pm so left the building to go next door to Mel’s Diner but as soon as I got downstairs all I could see was shoulder to shoulder people.  The lobby was decorated for Halloween and people were pouring in from outside to see.  Once I got outside it was incredible, I have never seen so many people in one place to celebrate Halloween.  This little city was ready to party!  I managed to get over to Mel’s Diner and had a quick meal and made my way back to my room for last minute preparations.  I was on schedule and ready to go.

9pm: On With The Show and Disclaimer
This is where I’ll let my video take over but just before I do there are a few things I’d like to mention before you watch it.  In the beginning of the video I play around a little during my “giveaway” time but I also make that obvious.  Nothing else in the video is “fake” or “setup”.  All instances where I tell you to turn up your volume is real and also up for your own interpretation.  Also, there is a part in the video where the door to the room I am sleeping in is suddenly open and then closed again.  How this happened while I slept I don’t know but it is possible that the live YouTube feed glitched as is does tend to do during live streams and I’m not sure how the glitch would explain it but I thought I should mention it.  Last, I did wake up once during the night and I felt like something was staring down on me.  I was in no mood to be scared to death so I decided to not open my eyes to see what it was and simply kept my eyes shut and fell back to sleep.  When I awoke that morning my door was closed.

Audio/Video Proof
This video is a shortened version of the original which is over 5 hours long.  This version only consists of a little bit of me setting up, the giveaway and then parts from the original that only contain parts that either had odd sounds or something visual questionable to see. Enjoy!

Haunted Places was used to find the Cary House

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