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SYMA X5UW FPV RC Drone Review

Is the SYMA X5UW FPV RC Drone for you?

SYMA contacted me and asked if I would review their X5UW drone and I said send it on over!  They came back at me with a choice between the X5UW and their folding drone the X56W which was a cool move by SYMA.


With the exception of you having to attach the camera and install the controllers batteries the Syma X5UW is basically ready to fly right out of the box.   IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to fully charge both batteries before flight.  Flying with a low battery could problems when flying.  Also, as with any drone, never fly over populated areas including people, traffic or homes.



It’s a pretty cool drone!

It has FPV, altitude hold, headless mode, flight plan, one key take off and landing, a gravity sensor and a 720p camera.  You can take photos and video but since the camera isn’t stabilized the results aren’t great but hey it still has a working camera.  I found that sticking a little drummers Moongel between the camera and the body of the drone it smoothens out the video a bit.

And while you can use the SYMA App to control it I didn’t have much luck with parts of it.  When using the app I couldn’t get the flight plan to work but that could have just been me.  Gravity control through my cell worked great and was a lot of fun.

It’s very lightweight. I think under half a pound.

Overall it’s a good beginners drone and a lot of fun.   I think anyone starting out will enjoy this drone from SYMA.

SYMA has a lot more drones. They have GPS drones, SMART drones and Folding drones.  They also have helicopters.

If SYMA sees this, I have a request for SYMA. I really want to demo your X25Pro. Please send me one and I’ll jump right on it.


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