SpiderWayne’s RollPro Mini Review & Giveaway

mini-giveaway-green-stroke-dsRiseful RollPro Mini Review & Giveaway by SpiderWayne


Riseful gave me one RollPro Mini to review they did not give me one to giveaway.  However, I really like the RollPro bags to I bought one to giveaway through my YouTube channel, SpiderWayne.  If you’re reading this between 2016-1216 and 2016-1221 then you’re in luck, for a chance to win one, head over to my YouTube channel and enter there. You can click here or on this image to go straight to my Giveaway video



I own a previous version and have had it for about 2 years and it’s still in perfect condition.  The materials are top notch and they are all made in California.


To get one of these bags for yourself visit my store here.

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