ScaryGirl & SpiderWayne Rockin’ with Queen

Found footage from 2013 of ScaryGirl and SpiderWayne during their trip down South has been found.  Back in 2013 ScaryGirl and I hit the highway for our 10 hour drive down to S. CA to see family and friends. Often on long trips I record the drive by attaching a GoPro camera to my windshield and occasionally I’ll flip it around to capture any shenanigans going on inside the car with ScayGirl. This trip was no different so once I arrived at my destination I downloaded all my GoPro footage to my laptop and completely forgot all about it until today.  Today I noticed my Macbook Pro’s hard drive was almost full so I started going through files when I came across this video of ScaryGirl rockin’ out to Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls!

Since I like to forget about reality from time to time and just have a little fun, I thought I’d share with you some of my madness.  I hope you enjoy my video of ScaryGirl & SpiderWayne Rockin’ with Queen!


ScaryGirl & SpiderWayne Rockin’ with Queen’s Fat Bottom Girl