Extreme Segway with ScaryGirl


Extreme Segway with ScaryGirl – Don’t Try This At Home

SpiderWayne, Hunter and ScaryGirl just having some Remote Controlled Segway Fun!

This is the Segway MiniPro by Ninebot and it’s easy to ride and it’s easy to become overly confident and fall as I did.  About my forth time out on my Segway I got a little careless and lost control.  I hit the pavement pretty hard and was out down for a while.  I spent the evening in the hospital and a couple of days out of work.  It’s been a little over a month and I still have a little pain but nothing serious and feeling better every day.  Will this stop me from riding again?  Nope!  Just as that old saying goes, “if you fall off a horse you have to get back on”.

A couple of weeks ago I went camping with some friends.  My tent a close to the bathrooms but not close enough for me to walk to them.  Good thing I brought my Segway.  Yep, when morning came,nature called and I got on my Segway and rode like I never rode before over to the bathrooms.   The very thing that took me down was now helping me to get around.

So far I’ve tested it to be used to help me video with a steady cam and that worked out well.  Also, now I see it can also be very helpful in getting someone around that can stand okay but maybe needs help walking.  Other uses might be in traveling through large warehouses.  I’m sure there are a lot of people using the Segway in creative ways.  If you’re one of them please comment below with how you use yours.

In interested in buying a Segway MiniPro please consider using this link as it helps me continue to do videos and reviews.

Here is a link to my Segway video while using the DJI OSMO as a Steady Cam

If there is anything you would like me to review or do please let me know in the comments below.

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