Rove R1 Budget Dash Cam

Meet Rove’s Newest Dash Cam the Rove R1

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The Rove R1 Budget Dash Cam

The Rove R1 budget dash cam may have a low price tag but it’s packed with features!  By the way, I’m calling it a budget dash cam because of it’s low, low price.  This dash cam is solid and worthy of being in your car.  The Rove 1 is also makes setup a breeze.  Stick it to your windshield and plug it in.  The finer details are all in the menu which is simple to navigate as well.

What you get with the Rove 1

  • Full 1080p Resolution
  • Loop Recording
  • G Sensor, Motion Detection
  • WiFi
  • Super Capacitor
  • 150 degree viewing angle
  • Sony IMX 323 Sensor

What you don’t get with the Rove 1

* Rove offers a GPS add-on that can be purchased at the website

To keep the price low the Rove 1 won’t come with GPS.  However, you can still purchase the GPS separately either directly from Rove or at Amazon.  * Note: at the time of this writing the GPS is not available but Rove says they will have in 2-3 weeks.

WiFi + App

The MyDash R2-4K dash cam by Rove also is equipped with built in WiFi that allows you to connect to it via your cellphone when using the Rove application.  The application is available for both the Apple iPhone and Google Android.


Installing is a snap! Just stick it to your windshield, plug it in and driving away.  Of course there will be a few, one time adjustments that will need to be made like inputting the time, date, timezone, etc. but nothing too difficult.

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