Rail-a-Prompter Review and Giveaway

Rail-a-Prompter Review and Giveaway

Telmax Teleprompter 05Rail-a-Prompter by Telmax is an excellent tool for any blogger looking to improve their videos.  Looking directly into the camera is about as close as you can get to making eye-contact with your viewers.  Reading your notes off to the side or above or below your camera will look unprofessional and this is where a teleprompter can really help to improve your video content.

Telmax makes many different teleprompters from the huge in studio type to the extremely portable.  Their newest addition is called the Rail-a-Prompter which works specifically with iPads and tablets of similar size.  Note: they also make Teleprompters for the Mini and Pro version iPads as well.

Disclaimer: Telmax contacted me and asked if I would review their new Rail-a-Prompter for doing so I could keep it.   I agreed as long as they understood I would be giving an honest review.  Once we all agreed to each others terms the Rail-a-Prompter was shipped.

The Rail-a-Prompter arrived in a hard-shell case… good move Telmax!  I’m a firm believer that all gear should come with a case or at least an option during the ordering process to add one.  Also, included is a cleaner Telmax calls Mirror Magic with a cleaning cloth.


case 02





Setting the Rail-a-Prompter is as easy as loosen, adjust and retighten.


Final Thoughts

I own a few teleprompter kits and of all of them this has just become my favorite!  It just works.

Video Review and Giveaway

Checkout the Telmax Teleprompter for iPad and your chance to Win One of Your Own!

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