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Propels Star Wars Battle Drones are Awesome and I’m Giving Them Away!

Star Wars Drones Giveaway


Propel Star Wars Drones

Drones are everywhere these days.  You’ll see them at our parks, beaches and in our neighborhoods.  Personally I enjoy flying them when I can and I recently stumbled across the Propel lineup of Star Wars drones which include the X Wing, Speeder Bike and Tie Fighter.  I bought the Tie Fighter and was so impressed with, well, everything!  The packaging is beautiful and plays sounds every time you lift the lid to reveal the display case that also lights up!  In case you break anything it comes with extra parts plus not one but two batteries!  Lots of audio is included with these drones from the display case to the transmitter to the drone itself, each playing unforgettable tracks from the Star Wars movies.  I was so impressed that I wound up buying all three to do a Star Wars Drones Giveaway!

X Wing Drone

X Wing Drone

Speeder Bike

Speeder Bike

Tie Fighter

Tie Fighter

Images by Wayne Louie


Current giveaway

The Star Wars X Wing and Speeder Bike drones have already been won.
For a chance to win the Propel Star Wars Tie Fighter drone please click here: https://gleam.io/HmqRH/star-wars-tie-fighter-drone-giveaway

Multi Player Battle Drones

If you have more than one of the Star Wars drones you will be able to take to the skies and battle against other drones.  Each player gets three lives as shown on each controller.  Each time a drone is hit the controller will shake and one of the life lights will go out.  Once all three lights are out the drone will be forced to land signaling game over for that player.



Each of the Star Wars drones are equipped to do barrel roles and fly at different speeds.  Each come with 3 speed settings for beginners to advanced pilots.


Battery Life

I got about 10-15 minutes of battery life with each supplied battery.   The controller takes four double A batteries (not supplied).


Fun, fun, fun but with a warning

Seeing each of these drones in flight is a lot of fun but be careful not to fly them outside on a windy day.  During the making of my Star Wars Drones Giveaway video I realized quickly that in low wind the drones were a bit on the hard side to control.  Keep in mind I was trying to keep them in line site of my camera.  There were times that the wind would push the small drones in one direction and I couldn’t get it to fly back against the wind.


What about the Millennium Falcon

Will there be a Propel Millennium Falcon?  After some research I did fine an article stating that there will be a Propel Millennium Falcon but didn’t say when other than sometime during the summer of 2018.  I asked Propel about this and they didn’t deny it and said to keep checking back on their site.  The only thing missing from this lineup is the most iconic Star Wars ship out there and that’s the Millennium Falcon.  Until it’s available my collections of the Propel Star Wars drones will feel incomplete.  If  it do put it out I’ll be there to grab one… and maybe a second one for another giveaway!  Propel if you see this please send me one or two and thanks in advanced!


Bottom Line

All of the Propel Star Wars Drones will impress collectors.  If you come from a background of larger drones you’ll still be impressed with the packaging and amount of detail put into each drone but you may not be as impressed with the flight handling on a windy day.  Overall I have really enjoyed them and I think most people will too.  The retail prices ranges from about $149.95 all the way down to the lowest price I’ve seen at about $59.99.  If you’re thinking about getting one (or more for maximum battle fun) don’t wait.  Per an article on Tech Guides website Propel released 1977 Limited Edition Star Wars Drones.  So get your now!


Where to Buy

Using the following Amazon links to purchase the Propel Star Wars Drones help me to continue reviewing and giving away products.  Thank You!


Propel Star Wars Drone Website

For detailed information please visit the Propel Website


At the time of writing I had already given away the X Wing and was about to giveaway the Speeder Bike.  Once the Speeder Bike is gone the Tie Fighter giveaway will begin and run for two weeks.
Official names for each drone is T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, Tie Advanced X1 and the 74-Z Speeder Bike.


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