Twas The Night Before Christmas Speech Jammer

Twas The Night Before Christmas Speech Jammer Featuring Genevieve

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time again for my annual Twas The Night Before Christmas in Speech Jammer Style.
Listen as my friend Genevieve tries to recite ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas while I try to speech jam her using my iPhone app called Speech Zapper.

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About the iPhone Speech Zapper App

iTunes $0.99 

Speech Jamming is when you speak into a microphone and listen through headphones while you speak. Speech Zapper/Jammer apps will create an slight echo of what you hear back in the headphones as you speak and it throws you off. Speech Jammer can be created using apps on your phone like I did here or you can create it using something like Garage Band.

Speech Jammer doesn’t work on everyone. I had some actors try it and they managed to get through it just fine. It might be that they have trained themselves to read scripts and block out everything so well they they can simply ignore the echo… I’m not sure but it’s my best guess.

If you create any let me know.