OVERDRIVE Battling Race Cars by Anki

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The SpiderWayne Spider



Loads of fun with the Anki OVERDRIVE battling race car kit!

Whether playing against the OVERDRIVE system or with friends and family, OVERDRIVE is full of excitement and will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping!

From Anki “Anki OVERDRIVE is the world’s most intelligent battle racing system. Each Supercar is a self-aware robot, driven by powerful AI, and equipped with their own unique personalities and capabilities from flamethrowers to siren attacks, defense shields to battering rams.”

You vs Machine vs Friends vs Family

My first experience with OVERDRIVE was me vs machine.  After deciding on a layout I quickly began racing again the Overdrive system and was immediately impressed at the intelligence that is built into it.  To prepare for my first race the cars autonomously scanned the track layout and lined up at the starting line.  The countdown began and off we went!  All the normal stuff was there.  I could accelerate, brake and steer but wait, what’s this… I have weapons!  Yes I was able shoot at my opponents and they were able to shoot at me!  With each direct shot I was able to disable my opponents vehicle and pass them and they could do the same to me. This really makes the game a lot more challenging and fun.  Later I introduced OVERDRIVE to both my friends and family and the fun ensued.


Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

Each OVERDRIVE vehicle have different strengths and weapons.  Anki sent me the OVERDRIVE system for review but I liked it so much I bought two more cars, a truck and more tracks.  At first my favorite car was the Skull and I moved around from car to car but kept avoiding the truck I bought. I thought the truck would be fun but slow… I was wrong!  My friend’s 6 year old daughter picked the truck (X52 ICE) and started passing me up and knocked me off the track.  She was unstoppable! Why is this truck so powerful?  After getting beat over and over I checked out the truck on the Anki website and found out it has RAGE MODE!!!  Once it gets to Rage Mode look out!  For more information on each car visit the Anki OVERDRIVE website.


The Anki OVERDRIVE Website

Whether you’re looking for weapon information on each vehicle or you want to design a new layout the Anki OVERDRIVE website will have it all.  It has a section dedicated that describes all the weapons and strengths for each car and truck.  Plus there is a track builder that lets you pick and choose from Anki’s favorite layouts or build one of your own from scratch.

What You Get

I was sent the Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit.  Everything you need to have fun is included in the starter kit but as you’ll see below I bought more to add onto the kit.  This wasn’t necessary but I quickly became obsessed with the game and wanted more!

  • 2 Robotic Supercars
    • I bought 2 more supercars and a truck
  • 2 risers
  • 6 curved track pieces
    • I bought 2 more packs of curved tracks
  • 1 four-car charging system
  • 4 straight track pieces
    • I bought 2 more packs of straight tracks
  • 1 tire cleaner

Don’t Forget the App

The last thing you’ll need to get going is the Anki OVERDRIVE app.  The app is available through Amazon, Apple App Store and Google Play.


Get Yours Here

Using my Amazon links help me to continue to bring you fun and exciting review.  However, if you prefer, Anki OVERDRIVE is also available at stores like Target and online at the Anki OVERDRIVE website.

Extra Cars and Trucks



Extra Tracks and Accessories